Overseas Employment

The difficult economic and political situation in the country, the inability to earn enough money in the Motherland – these are the main factors why more and more Ukrainians are looking for work abroad. Statistics show that the most demanded vacancies is a job in Poland. And this is not surprising: after all, the neighboring state readily accepts workers and pays a decent salary.

We assume that the visitors who visited the site of Vinnytsia Employment Agency FOP Nagirnyak FP, also interested in work abroad. On the pages of this resource you will find useful employment information and relevant vacancies for men, women, couples and students in various professional fields.


Benefits of employment abroad through the employment agency Nagirniak F.P.

Reliability. Vinnytsia Employment Agency of FOP Nagirniak F.P. Has been working since 2003.

Guarantees. We employ according to the employment contract and on legal grounds.

Security. The agency is responsible for the safe working conditions and residence of a private employer.

Choice. We will listen to all the wishes and select the vacancy that will best suit the needs.

Convenient location. The office is located in the center of the city. See the schedule of the Agency here.

From Vinnytsia to work in Poland – stages of departure abroad

Are you still interested in finding a job abroad in Vinnytsia? Visit the Employment Agency of the FOP Nagirniak F.P. to the address: m. Vinnytsia, st. Soborna, 66, of. 309. (see the map of Vinnytsia)

In the office we will familiarize you with actual vacancies, working conditions, salary level and a list of necessary documents for processing a work visa and employment.

If a vacancy suits you, we will conclude a work visa application, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and order an employment invitation from the Polish employer.

Upon receipt of an invitation, you will need to personally pay a visa fee to the “Kredobank” or “Idea Bank” and wait for a call from a visa center specialist to set the time and date for filing visa documents.

By agreeing with the operator on the timing of filing documents, you simultaneously notify the Agency that we timely prepare an insurance contract and a visa application form.

After receiving a work visa, the date of arrival of the posted worker to the Polish employer and the details of the departure abroad are agreed upon at the agency’s office.

Live outside Vinnytsia and there is no possibility to visit the Agency personally? We are happy to give you advice over the phone. After consulting with relatives, weighing all pros and cons, you will be able to come to the office with a complete package of documents necessary for the issuance of a work visa.

Working abroad is a good opportunity to gain experience in another country, earn enough money and return to Ukraine in order to find a decent workplace in the Motherland.

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Worth to know

Are you excited that you have no work experience? Do not worry! The main thing is the desire to work. Upon arrival in Poland, you will receive top-priority testing, where you will demonstrate your professional skills and abilities.

Remember that depending on the work specialty, work experience, knowledge of a foreign language, age, sex, and the number of hours worked depends on the size of the employee’s wages.

Some vacancies include pre-medical examination and the purchase of overalls.

When arriving in another country, the employer will meet you and bring you to the premises where you will live.

Employees receive free housing, except for utility services costing zloty 150 – 300/month.

The estimated cost of a ticket to work in Poland from Vinnitsa is 800 – 1100 UAH.

Today, Polish employers provide men under 60 years old and women up to 55 years of age.

All vacancies are free. You pay only for the cost of issuing a working visa (1900 UAH) and a visa fee of EUR 15 at the rate in UAH.

There are many reasons for going abroad. But whatever they are, the employment agency “Work Abroad” in Vinnytsia will always help you find the job that is closest to you.

Enough to spend time thinking, visit us and we will dispel all your doubts!