Builder Jobs in Poland

The Vinnytsia Employment Agency run by Sole TraderNahirniak F. P. offers the following jobs in Poland:

  •      Welders;
  •      Painters;
  •      Concrete workers;
  •      Plasterers;
  •      Finishers;
  •      Metalworkers and assistant metalworkers;
  •      Electricians and assistant electricians;
  •      Plumbers;
  •      Specialists in insulation of external facades (styrofoam, mesh, glue);
  •      Ventilation installation specialists;
  •      Tilers;
  •      Specialists in manufacturing and installation of plastic windows
  •      Cleaners;
  •      General labourers.

Requirements: 18 – 55 years old, experience preferred, but not required.

Working hours: Monday – Saturday, 10-12 hours/day. Day off – Sunday.

Accommodation: provided by the employer free of charge.

Rate of pay: PLN 11-16 per hour or UAH 85-120 per hour depending on qualifications, or UAH 21,000 – 36,000 per month depending on hours per month.                                                        The wage of an experienced specialist (welder, painter, etc.) is PLN 16-20 per hour (UAH 36,000-45,000 per month). Semi-monthly pay.

Meals: at your own expense.

Term of employment contract: while the work visa is valid – 6 or 12 months.

Cost of a Polish national 180-day (6-month) work visa: UAH 3,000.

Polish national work visa processing time: 4 weeks.

Cost of employment FREE.

For more information, please visit the Agency’s office at:

Vinnytsia, Soborna 66, office 309.