Czech Republic

Work in the Czech Republic

Official work on the basis of a work permit issued by the Czech labor exchange, a work contract with a Czech employer and a Czech work visa for 3 months.

Required documents for submission to the agency:

Foreign, internal passport and identification code (for scanning)
The photo is on a white background, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, 80% of the area of ​​the photo occupies the face (in electronic form, on a flash drive – it is done in a photographic studio in Vinnitsa)
Term of work permit, contract and Czech work visa – 2 months.
The Agency issues the following documents for submission to the Visa Center in Kyiv:

Labor contract with a Czech employer;
Work Permit issued by the Czech labor exchange;
Confirmation of residence in the Czech Republic;
Medical insurance policy;
Visa application form.
The cost of agency services for the registration of work permits, contracts, Czech work visas and employment – UAH 7500.

Paid in two steps:

4000 UAH – deposit, when signing a contract and submitting documents to the agency;

3500 hryvnas. – upon receipt of the documents prepared by the agency in hands for the further filing to the Czech visa center and the issuance of a work visa.

The cost of agency services is not included: the fee for a consular fee of 35 euros and a visa fee of 18 euros, which the client pays independently on the day the documents are submitted to the Czech visa center in Kiev (Sport Sport Square 1a, Gulliver business center).


Unlaborated workers at factories and factories;
workers at warehouses, furniture mills, bakeries;
maids at the hotel;
milling machines;
saw blades
Working conditions:

Salary 95 – 125 UAH / hour, or 28 000 – 36 000 UAH. / Mees (Depending on the vacancy, qualification and the number of hours worked).

Unfinished working day.

Weekend Sunday

Accommodation costing 3500 UAH / month, provided by the employer.

Meals – at your own expense.

Age 19 – 55 years.

Travel to the Czech Republic for a job: a VINNIA-Prague bus (the cost of 1500-1800 UAH at your own expense), at the bus station in the Czech Republic, the employer’s representative meets.

Limited Liability Company “Employment Agency Nagirniak-2003” Vinnytsia, ul. Cathedral, 66, office 309. Tel. mob 067739 77 38

Schedule: 9.00 – 18.00

Lunch break: 13.00 – 14.00 Weekend: Saturday, Sunday.

Website at Internet:

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