AU PAIR Program for Youth

Au Pair is an international cultural exchange program for youth established in 1969. The main goal of the program is to provide a unique opportunity forthe in-depth study of a foreign language and learning about the culture of the host country. Initially, it involved young people from 9 European countries, and today the Program Charter is adopted almost by all countries of the world, including Ukraine.

Why countries and families are interested in hosting Au Pair Program participants:

Developed European countries and the USA encourage foreign youth to study their language and learn about their culture, customs and mentality during the 1- or 2-year stay. This way, the countries advertise themselves, their capabilities, achievements and benefits.
It is very convenient to have an au pair in the family with whom the children feel comfortable and who can babysit them any time when the parents need to go to work or elsewhere. It is also interesting for the families to get to know someone from another country. Additionally, host families get tax credits.

Prospects for Au Pair:

The candidate signs a contract with a Ukrainian Agency that undertakes to find a host family and prepares all documents necessary to obtain a European one-year Au Pair visa or an American J-1 visa. The host family, upon studying the documents, looking through the photographs and talking to the Ukrainian candidate on Skype, signs a standard contract approved by the International Au Pair Program which clearly specifies the rights, duties, and liabilities of the parties. In each country, an independent program coordinator monitors compliance with the terms of the contract.
It is quite easy to master a foreign language if you live in a target-language country for 1-2 years, constantly hearing it “live” everywhere (on the streets, in stores, on radio and TV, in theatres and cafes), communicating daily with native speakers and taking language courses. You will simply have no chance not to master it. It is more likely that you will start forgetting your native language than fail in learning a foreign one. Communication with the family, children and other au pairs is also of help.
Proficiency in a foreign language opens prospects to an au pair in the field of overseas education. Receiving a degree from a prestigious European or US College or University, you can get a job and earn a decent salary of $3,000-5,000 per month.
Working as an Au Pair, you can earn from $300 to $800 per month of pocket money (depending on the country).
You will get a chance to see the worldand find friends in the country, which will be your home for 1-2 years.