About us

The Vinnytsia Employment Agency run by Sole Trader Nahirniak Fedir Petrovych has been engaged in overseas employment of Ukrainian citizens since 2003.

The Agency operates in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Employment of Population under the License issued by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and applicable international treaties.

Certificate of National Registration No. 388209 issued on 11 Feb 2003

svidotstvo pro derzhavnu reyestratsiyu

License No. 585077 issued by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine on 23 Dec 2011

Litsenziya Ministerstva sotsialnoyi polityky Ukrayiny

Single Tax PayerCertificate No. 745978 issued on 08 Jan 2013

svidotstvo platnyka yedynoho podatku

Agency “Work Abroad” guarantees legal (official) employment in Poland. In Vinnytsia you will find many companies that offer similar services. But remember, before you choose an employer, check that the above documents confirm the legal work abroad. Use the services of trusted intermediaries. It will save you from many troubles in the future.